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What is Personal Life Coaching?

The dynamic process of Life Coaching is a professional and personal relationship between coach and client.The Coach manages the relationship but it is client led.

As a personal Coach I work with my clients to elicit actions and behaviors that will move them towards the achievement of their goals. Once goals are established it is my job to encourage my clients self belief and motivation to overcome the procrastination that holds so many people back.

Being coached is an enjoyable and empowering experience that takes people forward in so many ways. It also challenges you to embrace change and take action. The process generally lasts between three and six months with sessions fortnightly or whatever arrangement fits your requirements. Sessions usually run from thirty minutes to an hour and are mostly conducted by phone. Some clients prefer face to face meetings which may be practical depending on geography.

Coaching sessions wrap up with a commitment to take actions that move clients towards their desired outcomes. The following session involves a review of those actions and progress. I will gently hassle clients who have procrastinated and encourage them to get out there and make things happen.

The coaching relationship is entirely confidential and conducted in a non-judgmental way. The process seeks to do things in a positive way and engender a positive expectation for your life.

Personal coaching enhances both your personal and business life bringing fresh purpose and direction.

Some people just drift through life saying “Someday I’ll” don’t be one of them. The road to someday leads to nowhere. Take positive action now and get yourself booked in for some coaching sessions and make it happen! It will change your life for the better. Don’t dither, call me now and seize the day.


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